MONTGOMERY – The Alabama Historical Commission is pleased to welcome Dr. Meghan Buchanan as its newest Commissioner. Dr. Buchanan is an Assistant Professor of Anthropology at Auburn University and will represent the Alabama Archaeological Society on the Commission.

Currently, Dr. Buchanan is researching Mississippian societies along the Tallapoosa River in Alabama. Her archaeological research on Mississippian societies (ca. AD 1000-1600) of the Midwest and Southeast has focused on the consequences of violence and warfare associated with the rise and fall of these complex polities. In addition to the AHC, Buchanan is an Executive Officer on the Board of the Southeastern Archaeological Conference, was a co-founder of the Southeastern Archaeological Mentoring Network, and the recipient of a National NAGPRA Consultation grant.

“We are privileged to welcome Dr. Meghan Buchanan to the Alabama Historical Commission as the Alabama Archaeological Society’s representative,” said Board Chairman Eddie Griffith. “Her insights into our history as evidenced by our archaeological record will be an invaluable asset in our mission to protect, preserve and interpret Alabama’s historic places.”

The Alabama Historical Commission is the state agency charged with safeguarding Alabama’s historic buildings and sites. Created by an act of the state legislature in 1966, it consists of twenty-one appointed members who represent a broad cross section of Alabamians.