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Joel and I recently received an award for handling some big cases. Great! Most cases aren’t big cases. We handle all size cases but what we are seeing more frequently are cases where people don’t have enough insurance to cover the damages.

Often medical bills for an injured person can be high. If a person has a hospital stay and requires rehab or physical therapy one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000) in coverage doesn’t go far enough. Medical costs can be staggering.

If you own or are buying a home, have savings, investments or a retirement account, be well insured.

I talked to a client of mine who had once been sued for three million dollars. It didn’t bother him a bit because he didn’t have three million dollars. A few years later he was sued for thirty-five thousand dollars and didn’t sleep for months because he had thirty-five thousand dollars.

I read and like Dave Ramsey. He recommends two hundred-fifty thousand to five hundred thousand in coverage.

Hospitals file liens. Blue Cross Blue Shield demands repayment. When Medicare pays medical bills this creates a federal obligation. These are types of medical bills that must be repaid. We often see medical bills over one hundred thousand dollars when there’s less than one hundred thousand dollars in coverage.

When I bought my first sports car, I was absolutely shocked at the insurance costs. I simply called another company and they cut the rate by over two-thirds of what the original company wanted. Shop for insurance; prices vary for what you’re insuring and how much coverage you want. Consider umbrella coverage. That is a type of coverage that begins at a certain amount and goes to a large amount of coverage for not very much money.

Talk to your agent about what is right for you.

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