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Any experienced personal injury attorney who has handled commercial trucking cases will hire an incident reconstructionist with specific training in truck incident reconstruction early in the case.

Reconstruction is based on physical evidence, and this evidence (scene, vehicles, and Electronic Control Module or ECM) can be very short-lived.

The vehicles must be secured until the incident reconstruction expert can inspect and download whatever information is available from engines, airbag modules, brake modules, and so on.

The problem is that the injuries from big truck cases are so severe that the family concentrates on the injured person, as they should. However someone looking towards the future of an injured person must make a decision to get a lawyer that knows what they are doing in truck wreck cases.

Many of us have flown in a commercial jet and gone from two hundred miles an hour before landing to zero miles an hour after landing safely. This is an example of a slow “pulse”. Had that airplane going two hundred miles an hour been stopped by a mountain the pulse of that stop would cause death. People typically associate speed with injuries but that is not the case with a truck wreck case. If you do the math, an 80,000 pound truck going 5 miles per hour has the same force as a 4,000 pound car going 100 miles per hour. A big truck equals big momentum equals big energy which carries the potential for big injury.

Remember that after September 2011, all auto manufacturers have to describe the data recorded and record 15 specific data elements. In trucking cases there is even more technical gathering of data including GPS data which includes speed and deceleration information. Your reconstructionist must be well versed in newer technology.

We also hire an expert in the rules pertaining to commercial vehicles under the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations.

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