Cathy Turner

Cathy Turner

If I could wiggle my nose and have everyone believe one thing, (and, yes, that is a ‘70’s TV reference to “Bewitched”. Of course it is, that was my era.) – I would have everyone believe in their own value.

Intrinsic value – value before you prove it. Come with me for a minute in your mind. Or if you have a banana in your house, go get it. Now in your mind or with a knife, cut that banana in two, shortways. What do you see? A star – a seed star. Now imagine being in Paris, picnicking on the field next to the Eiffel Tower. You have a banana that you bought there. Cut it – a star. In Africa, Central America, Australia, Japan – cut a banana and there will be a seed star. Cut an orange crossways – a star, a grapefruit – a star, an apple – a star. What an amazing design feature! A design confirming a designer. A designer that cares enough to put a star in every slice of banana, pear, apple throughout the world, and a starburst in every kiwi! That designer values that design.

Every designer values his creation because he made it. Valued before the creation does anything. I look a lot like my sisters. I have my dad’s hairline. And I did well in school just like my siblings. I am designed a lot like them. I am designed a lot like you. And I know that my designer values me. I was of value before I could speak, before I could cheer, before I could paint or teach or even write. I am valued because I was made. I can breathe and so can you. I can poop (thank goodness!), and so can you. But we don’t turn the mechanisms that make this happen every. day. We were designed that way. I am valued – kept going every day – and so are you. Valued – around the clock.

Recently, I was trying to explain this concept to some 10 year olds, so that they would quit comparing themselves to each other. So that they would start respecting themselves and not use bad language. So that they would not call their teachers racist when they had to change their color cards because of their own poor choices. When you know that you are valued, there is no need to put down others. You don’t have to be better than the next guy. There doesn’t have to be hierarchies. Equality happens. Peace happens. Talk about your herd immunity. Wars cease. Because when everyone accepts intrinsic value for themselves and others, we all live together, not with division, fear and hate, but with respect and hope for each other.

When my self-worth is based on owning land, or on my family history, or on wealth, or on my on talents, or on someone else’s opinion of me, then my security is built on a shifting foundation. But belief breeds a constant, secure truth: I am very good because I am the Designer’s work. Period. No need to battle against each other. No need to have all the marbles. That’s not what makes us valuable.

It takes no bewitching to make this be true – only belief. I am good stuff and so are you. So what can we do together?

Teach this to your 10 year old.

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