Cathy Turner

Cathy Turner

I tweaked my back today. You know, I moved too fast and that little flash of lower back pain froze me. None to worry, a little heat and rest will probably resolve it, but I have had so much to do before that treatment. One simple task was to run into Subway and grab sandwiches for dinner. Well, there was no running. I had to position myself and moan and groan and re-position myself and pull at the door to get out of the car. Then there were two seconds of walking like an old woman before I could proceed naturally into the store. Well, after I had ordered and was about to pick up the food, there was my husband, right there ready to carry the food out so that I wouldn’t have to struggle getting into the car. As I followed him out of the store, I thought, “Now that’s what love is.”

This made me think of the 1970’s movie, “Love Story”. The famous quote from that movie was “Loves means never having to say you’re sorry.” I have always thought that was a weak saying. I mean, I get it. Love should cover all wounds, but hurts only heal when love is applied. Love is active and proactive. Love apologizes. So I started discussion about love meaning never having to say you’re sorry on our family thread. Our daughter was the first to pipe in and say, “Love means SAYING YOU’RE SORRY… and ‘Would you please?’” (a family favorite) And our son added that he, too, thought the movie quote was poor by saying that, “Love means having the courage to apologize as many times as necessary.” Then we just all started throwing out what love is, looks like and means statements. Here are some of our first reaction “Love is” thoughts:

Love means cooking when you don’t like cooking.

Love is when somebody else does the dishes.

Love is not bringing up important subjects ten minutes before he goes to bed.

Love is believing in yourself despite your worst mistakes.

Love is not saying anything.

Love is floating boats in the rain.

Love means saying, “What do you need out of the rest of this evening?”

Love means building a Lego® castle under the direction of your four year old.

Love is telling her that she is “cute” because you like her outfit, even if she is 60+.

Love is singing Bible camp songs with your 30 year old on the back porch.

Love is saying the same thing at the same time.

Love is that little smile between you.

Love is fooling around anyway.

Love is how you make me feel when I am with you.

Love is painting with your granddaughter during nap time.

Love is a back rub or dinner by the river or a short notice vacation or …

Love means guarding each other’s down time.

Love means telling each other the truth.

Love means standing up when it matters and standing down when it doesn’t.

Love is acting in the best interest of another imperfect person.

Love is living a life of service. Amen.

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