Cathy Turner

Cathy Turner

Writer’s note: This was originally printed in 2015. In these crazy times, though, I want to remind us of hope. Each of us holds so much value. We as parents and friends need to teach and remind each other and our children the source of our true value.    

We are making preparations for the baby girl who is coming!

Christmas was great fun. My sisters, their husbands, our children, my husband and I were together for the first time in a while. We gathered up and broke in our daughter’s and son’s-in-law new house with windows. They had been living in the bunker – a makeshift apartment which actually was a storefront beside our daughter’s business. They lived there to save money. A year ago, they could not imagine being in such a sweet house for Christmas with a baby on the way, but blessings come!

And so Christmas was warm and glowing (could have been the fire pit we gave them over which we made s’mores), and it was sweet and filling. But the day after Christmas was even better. My sisters and I (basically the three grandmothers) had a baby shower that consisted of taking our daughter to Target and buying all the big need things off her registry - and we got some little things too, like a little red dress. Then we went home and made a circle of chairs in the baby’s room and let the daddy-to-be open all that we had gotten. Afterward, he put together the crib. I put together the play yard. Everyone cleared the room of the move-in boxes and clutter. We hung red curtains and we decided where to hang the red clock, the red-framed Snoopy I cross-stitched for our daughter’s nursery in 1987 and the Stevie Wonder with red etchings that our son-in-law painted years ago. We decided where everything would go. We made preparations and it was joyous.

Physical preparations are easy to make to prepare for a baby, but spiritual preparation has to take place long before the baby comes. Generations. Parents grounded. Spiritual. This notion came ringing through in a recent blog post written by our expecting daughter:

“Sweet unborn baby, you are steppin’ into some kinda story. So epic and yet so personal. Jesus loves every stitch of your tiny being. And He also wants to use you as a critical piece of His redemption plan for the nations. You’ve got access to power, kid! Power that the evil one will try to steal from you as soon as you step out. But don’t worry, literally hundreds of people are praying for you, “that your faith may not fail”, including Jesus Himself (Luke 22:32)!  Crazy, huh? You are an object of love, Precious One. Plain and simple. Your job is simply to accept it and give it away. You see, there’s no need to be stingy with love. Sometimes you’ll feel like if someone else takes it, it might run out, and there won’t be any left for you. But the truth is God has unlimited stores of love. It never runs out! It only grows. And get this… it’s your birthright! You were made to receive it. Now that’s my kinda destiny right there. Some people are afraid to birth children into such a dark world. I have no such fear. There’s no fear in love. I’m so excited to introduce you to Our Father and to watch His heart grow inside you. There is only good stored up for you, Baby. Ultimately only good. It might not feel that way some days. But trust me, it’s all good.”

Spiritual preparation. If you want them to stand, to accomplish, to know - prepare your heart. Give them faith and the blessings will come. In order to do this you have to believe yourself that it’s all good.

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