Cathy Turner

As I mentioned Ruby turned 5. Our firstborn grand is 5. Five is great! It’s like my favorite age ever. 5 is cute. 5 is busy. Five is creative and talkative and fun. 5 makes great faces and wears the cutest dresses. 5 year olds still have their teeth and are learning how to do beautiful cartwheels. Five-year-olds smile more than they frown and they still want to cuddle and sing lullabies. Five-year-olds look at their moms with such love and they think she hung the moon. When they are turning five, it’s the last time that they listen only to you, because kindergarten is looming.

A couple of weeks ago Ruby turned five in royal fashion. As I mentioned, she partied JoJo Siwa style with a dozen of her little friends. There was a multicolored disco ball and lights flashing on the TV, while Ruby and her friends, dressed in big bows and neon, hopped around the living room and called it dancing. In the kitchen, on the table, there were JoJo Siwa puzzles to solve and chicken tenders on the counter. “Forced” by my daughter, I gave Ruby a shiny, blue sequined jacket with pink sequin stars worked into it randomly. It was bound like a letter jacket. Ruby loved it. She wore that jacket the whole party. There was so much happiness and chatter, and little people hugs. There were more adults than kids, and it was a wonderful time.

After the party was over, Ruby pronounced, “I’m a big girl now.” Well, there you are. She has been toying with this idea for quite some time, but I am telling you that fifth birthday does the trick. This five-year-old pronouncement is always followed by statements such as, “I can do it myself,” and “Let me do it.” They want to buckle their car seat by themselves, pour the milk on their own cereal and dress themselves every time. When my kids were little that didn’t happen - they still wore what I said. But my daughter is much better at enjoying 5.

Case in point, yesterday my daughter sent a video of Ruby exercising in their living room. Ruby had on the beautiful, dark blue dress that she wore in their family picture. The dress is fitted in the bodice with capped sleeves, and it has a full round skirt with a blue polka dotted white trim and a bow tied in the back. Ruby had a big white bow in her hair. She was also wearing horizontally striped blue and white tights and shiny Jojo Siwa tennis shoes with shiny pink laces. Ruby had this majorly cute outfit on while she was riding her training wheel bike as she happily watched a cartoon musical on TV. The bike had no chain because the chain is broken. So Ruby was just peddling away in this fabulous outfit that she had chosen as she was bobbing her head to the music. My daughter labeled it a mom-win on this socially-distanced Georgia day.

It was a win-win day. They were just enjoying 5. Not fighting it. Just going with the creative joy that 5 provides. If you’ve got someone turning five, just say, “Yay five!” And let that look like what it looks like. Let 5 be 5. Enjoy and let it be!

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