Jim Fisher

You have probably heard of them. Their cringe-worthy commercials are everywhere. Their actors are horrible. The owner reminds me of one of those creepy head statues on Easter Island.

Perhaps “scam” is too strong a word for this horrible program but I’m gonna stick with the term because scamming is how these people got their start and once a scammer; always a scammer. You need to know that they are not deserving of your dollars.

PC Matic appeared on my radar years ago as “PC Pitstop.” It was one of many fake antivirus programs that that people were tricked into installing on their computer. Once this software was on a computer, it would display all sorts of horrible problems that needed to be fixed or Bad Things would happen.

Of course there was a convenient link to purchase the software that would “fix” the problems you didn’t have. Eventually PC Matic, much like some mafia bosses, made enough money scamming people to “go legit.”

So how does PCMatic actually perform compared to other antivirus programs? Well, if you listen to their commercials, they get 100% perfect scores. No one in my line of business would believe that claim and you shouldn’t either. No antivirus program is perfect but there are some objective ways to determine which ones offer the best protection.

I visited PC Matic’s website to look at their own review of their product. They referenced an independent comparison of various antivirus published in PC Magazine (a reputable source) who apparently gave them the “best” score. Skeptical of this claim, I went to the source (a skeptic always goes to the source) and here is what they actually said, “PC Matic scored highest in the latest test, with 94.75%, but failed overall due to many false positives.”

They FAILED! False positives are never a good thing. What that means is that PCMatic will shutdown many innocent programs which is exactly what I see in my shop. People with PC Matic complain of all sorts of warnings and stuff just not working right (such as not being able to access the internet). We remove PC Matic and, miraculously, the PC starts running well.

My biggest problem with PC Matic is that they do keep inching up in the ranks of independent evaluations. But they are getting there because they started out as scammers, did more scammy things to boost sales such as offering “registry cleaners” and “driver updates” for an extra charge (which are worthless, by the way).

They recently stopped charging extra for those because so many of us techie people gave them grief about it but they are still scammers at the core and should not be rewarded for the evil they’ve done!

Jim Fisher owns Excel Computer Services in Florence. Reach him at www.ExcelAL.com