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Whether or not you know it’s coming, a power outage can be a major disturbance. It never hurts to be prepared and to know what to do once the lights go out.

If your car has been damaged and the potential repair costs exceed the value of the car, it is considered a total loss. Here are answers to common questions that spring up when your vehicle has been declared totaled.

Summer means pedestrians, pets, bicycles and motorcycles are out in force, requiring drivers to be even more cautious. No matter where you’re headed, the park close by or family vacation to the beach, it’s important to think about everyone who’ll be traveling with you, especially children and pets.

Talking, texting, and drinking are all common car-crash causes, but there’s a lesser-known accident culprit: fatigue. The struggle to stay awake while driving may be more common than you realize: 37 percent of people have admitted to falling asleep at the wheel, according to a poll by the Na…

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there were 37,461 vehicle fatalities in 2016. Speeding and offensive driving are major problems which contribute to fatal car crashes throughout the United States. These defensive driving tips can help you or a loved one take o…

You’re going to need to pack more than beach supplies for that summer road trip.

Here’s how to spruce up and maintain your vehicle, inside and out.

Reliable transportation is a challenge for many. For those living in bigger cities with access to public transportation, it’s not a big deal. But, for those outside of large, metropolitan areas, having a car can make all the difference.

The process of moving to a new home can be overwhelming. These easy-to-follow suggestions can help make the move a little more manageable.

Owning a pet is a big responsibility. Dog owners are responsible not only for the health and safety of their pet, but also protecting people from injury. Most dogs will never bite but it is important to remember that any dog, regardless of breed or type, can bite under certain circumstances.…