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It’s never ideal to drive in dense or heavy fog. Here are tips for when you have to keep driving.

Your vehicle has carried you over miles of daily commutes, road trips and so much more. How do you decide if it’s better to fix up or trade up? Here are some key questions to ask.

Keeping your family safe is your top priority, but it’s tough to remember all the little things you need to check around the house. To keep you on top of your game, we’ve devised a one-day plan for inspecting the most important safety systems, from upstairs to the basement.

It’s a common question, unfortunately, there’s no black and white answer. It depends a lot on what coverages you need and the amount of deductible you feel comfortable with. 

Understanding a few key basics may help you make a good decision about borrowing money to finance a vehicle.

Whether taking a dip in a pool or the ocean, adults and kids alike should play it safe.

From ordinary oil changes to clanking noises you can’t explain, auto service is a fact of vehicle ownership. These questions can help you navigate mechanic lingo so you can protect your car and your wallet.

Getting car insurance for the first time? Here is what to know about policy terms, coverage and potential discounts.

If you have a child taking driver’s ed, it’s time to learn the latest updates to the subject.

From low tire pressure to frozen fuel lines to road salt damage, winter can take its toll on your vehicle. Here are five car care tips to help prevent long-term damage:

Driving in perfect weather is hard enough, but when severe weather hits, it’s important to take extra precautions. You probably already know that slowing down and increasing concentration can make a big difference. But these extra precautions for specific kinds of weather can help you get to…

All-terrain vehicles (ATVs) are a great way to have fun and enjoy the outdoors. But it’s important to remember operating one requires proper instruction and preparation.

As with any collision, you must carefully document hit and run accidents for your insurance company and the police. However, that can be a little tricky since one driver has taken off!

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Your belongings probably aren’t covered while in transit, so consider getting coverage.