Rebecca Stutts Hovater

Rebecca Stutts Hovater

Did you know texting is not the only driving distraction?

More driving distractions to avoid:

Grooming. Pressed for time, some people conduct grooming activities in the car, such as putting on makeup or using an electric shaver. Do yourself and others a favor by completing your morning routine at home.

Eating and drinking. Your steaming cup of coffee spills or ingredients slip out of your sandwich—any number of distractions can arise when you drive and dine. 

Monitoring passengers. Attending to children in the back seat can be up to 12 times as distracting as a cell phone and having a pet in your lap adds to distractions.

Rubbernecking. Slowing down to look at a traffic collision could cause a crash of your own. 

Listening to music and infotainment systems. Playing your radio at a high volume or wearing headphones takes your focus away from the road. These distractions reduce the likelihood you’ll hear car horns, emergency vehicles or other key noises. 

Daydreaming. If you’ve ever realized you just missed an exit because you weren’t paying attention, you’ve experienced a common distraction: daydreaming. Resist the urge to drift off while driving, and keep your attention on the road. 

Nodding off. According to a poll by the National Sleep Foundation®, an estimated 60% of Americans have admitted to driving while drowsy, and 37% have nodded off behind the wheel. If you feel sleepy, pull over. Walk around to rouse yourself or switch drivers-before you resume driving.

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