Ikey Fowler

Open enrollment season for Medicare beneficiaries begins on October 15th and extends through December 7th. This is also known as the Annual Enrollment Period (AEP). AEP is an important time for anyone who is already on Medicare. These dates are very specific. You cannot enroll in a plan prior to October 15th or after December 7th unless you have a special circumstance.

AEP is specifically designed to give you an opportunity to enroll into a Medicare Advantage Plan (MA) or prescription drug plan (PDP) for 2022. If you are already on a MA or PDP it is the time for you to review your plan and determine if you want to make any changes for the next year. Either way there are some things that you’ll want to consider.

If you are currently on or are considering a MA or PDP you want to look at the premium, copays, deductibles, coinsurance and the providers that take the plan. You will also want to look at the plan’s drug formulary to be sure the prescription drugs you are taking are covered. Plan details can change from year to year so don’t assume the 2022 plans will be exactly like the 2021 plans. Also, companies may introduce a new plan in your area for 2022 that may fit your needs better than the plan you are currently on.

A confusing thing about AEP is how Medicare supplements are treated. If you are on a Medicare supplement you do not have to wait until AEP to change plans. If you want to change to another supplement you can do that at any time during the year if you meet the new plan’s guidelines. But if you are enrolled in a stand-alone PDP with your supplement the only time you can change the PDP is during AEP.

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