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Believe it or not, for most people this is the hardest part of getting a home ready to sell. We are all attached to our photos and mementos, but if you’re going to sell, put them away.

I’m talking about family portraits, family pictures, snapshots of the grandkids, and pictures from the Disney cruise in the souvenir photo frame. This means clearing off the front and sides of the refrigerator, also. While clearing all of this out, you may end up with room to display those nice candlesticks you like. The objective is to remove anything that will tie the home to you.

De-personalization is a must.

Put your personal photos away. It’s not about you showing your home. It’s about you showing potential buyers what could be their new home. Let them visualize their furniture in the home. Let them visualize their family pictures on the wall. Let them visualize their own holiday decorations. Don’t let them see yours. It’s not about you anymore. It’s about packaging, promoting, and selling a product to someone else and giving it your best. I also think it helps for the interior to be painted neutral colors. It makes sense that the more neutral the inside of the home, the more people it will appeal to. Also, you don’t want people coming in and being drawn to the color of the walls; you want people to be drawn to the high ceilings and the cabinets and the floor coverings. If you have specialty ceilings or extra moldings, features that are above average, you don’t want people to come in and notice just the purple wall. You want them to see the home’s amenities and features and how these features would benefit them. It would be a shame if a bright color on the walls overshadowed all those extras. In that case, your home may be remembered only as “the one with the purple wall.”

If you have an already busy schedule, you may not have time to do all this yourself. It’s worth hiring a cleaning service or housekeeper to come once or twice a week to help you keep it ready to show. Or, if that’s not in the budget, have someone come and do a complete “spring cleaning” for a one-time fee. And then spend time every single day keeping it that way. However you do it, this extra investment alone will save you hundreds to thousands of dollars when you get ready to negotiate.

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