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Are you in a relationship with a Realtor right now? If you are using an agent to sell your home, or to buy a new home, you are. As with any relationship, the level of commitment can vary greatly. After 15-plus years in the business, I can tell you this: you and your agent should both be “all in”. This means different things, depending on whether you’re on the selling side or the buying side of the transaction. Let’s talk about the selling side.

When selling your home, the end goal is to get the most money for the home while spending the least time on the market. Being “all in” means that both you and your Realtor are committed to making that happen. Commitment on your Realtor’s part is shown in ways like taking numerous, quality photos of your home and using those photos to advertise it. Your home should have a significant online presence, because that’s the number one way that people look for homes these days. A committed agent will take detailed notes and use those to write an inviting description of the property. 

A committed agent will also give you advice on things you can do to show your home at its very best. It can be really uncomfortable to point out negative aspects of someone’s property to them. It’s far easier to stick a sign in the yard and hope for the best, but that’s not commitment. Commitment is willingness to point out things that a homeowner can do that will increase their chances to sell. It can be anything from a really deep cleaning, to de-cluttering, to maintenance issues. Believe me, buyers notice. And it matters.

Which leads me to the other side of the relationship. Commitment on behalf of the seller means taking that advice graciously, and doing everything you can to make it happen. If you are not in a position financially to make any repairs, it’s important that you let your agent know up front. Otherwise, be committed to making every showing the absolute best it can be. It’s also imperative that you let your home be shown any time (within reason) someone wants to make an appointment. Your agent can’t do these things for you, and putting them off could mean letting “your buyer” pass you by. A short period of deep commitment beats a lengthy, half-hearted effort, every time.

Next time, we’ll look at what commitment looks like on the buyer side.  - mr

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