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So many things have changed in the real estate business since I first started back in 2000. From how we handle showings and access to homes, to how they are marketed, it’s all really completely different.

Another major change and one of the newest issues we’re facing in the industry is the ease in which you can be recorded while you’re actually looking at a home. For example, if a home you’re looking at has a “Ring” doorbell, well… you’re pretty much being recorded from the time you step on the porch. A motion detector will instantly allow the doorbell camera to begin recording. It will even open the app on the homeowner’s phone if they have it set up and they can essentially listen to you LIVE!

Think about this for a second, let’s say you tour a home, fall in love with it and while going out the front door you start discussing how much you should offer with your agent… Yes, you guessed it. You are also discussing how much to offer with the homeowner although you don’t even realize it.

Is it right? Is it legal? Great questions, and as agents I think we’re still trying to figure all of this out, as we did when the World Wide Web first came on to the scene. (By the way, some people still call it that.)

I had a long conversation with a few of my colleagues this week about whether or not a seller should be recording agents and potential buyers as they walk through their home. It’s an interesting topic as there are two sides that could be considered.

On the seller’s side, it is their home and they certainly may have the right to know what’s going on. However, I can assure you with 100% certainty, it definitely makes a buyer (and their agent) very uncomfortable while looking at the home if they know they are being recorded.

Right, wrong, good, bad, or indifferent, the fact is this: As an agent or a buyer, if you’re walking through a home that you’re considering buying, you need to be aware that your comments, positive or negative, may be being heard by more than just those with you. -mr

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