Tom Magazzu

Tom Magazzu - Editor

Who can forget Joe Biden’s address to America two weeks ago where he laid out his six points of battle against COVID-19.

“My message to unvaccinated Americans is this: What more is there to wait for? What more do you need to see? We’ve made vaccinations free, safe, and convenient. The vaccine is FDA approved. Over 200 million Americans have gotten at least one shot... “Many of us are frustrated with the nearly 80 million Americans who are still not vaccinated... We’ve been patient, but our patience is wearing thin, and your refusal has cost all of us.”

Two executive orders from that day referenced, “...the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America...”

Mr. President, we appreciate the passion with which you bring the vaccine message to the nation. It can’t be easy convincing the remaining 30-40% at this point.

However, you are granted NO SUCH POWERS by the Constitution. I’ll let someone much more knowledgeable address that next week. Today, let’s talk about patience that is wearing thin.

We are losing patience as well, over a lot of things, a lot of things that you and those like you apparently support.

We know this is not about a vaccine. It’s about lies, misinformation, and exerting power over the little people.

In December as president-elect, Mr. Biden, you stated, “No, I don’t think it should be mandatory; I wouldn’t demand it be mandatory.”

On July 23, 2021, your press secretary, Jen Psaki, speaking about vaccine mandates said, “That’s not the role of the federal government.”

Yes, our patience is wearing thin with politicians like yourself lying about their moderate history and ideals and campaigning as centrists, only to revert to their socialist roots when elected. We’re mystified as to why so many in the political middle fall for it every election cycle.

I’m losing patience with a despot who is trying to directly interfere with and adversely impact a business I am trying to run.

It is difficult to remain patient when a supposed leader threatens the lifeblood of this economy with five-figure fines while businesses are already struggling to find employees, then are ordered to mandate a personal medical choice, one that we all know will push even more people away from current jobs.

Patience wears thin with Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms claiming they have community standards, only to those “standards” regularly violated by those who present very reasonable statements and concerns.

We are tired of not receiving the full story or partial truths from this administration. We’re losing patience as real facts, figures, and actual science is suppressed by your bedfellows at Big Tech, Big Pharma, and the mainstream media.

We are frustrated in finding out that Dr. Anthony Fauci DID KNOW about the US financing gain-of-function research at the Wuhan Virology Lab. We have no patience in being misled about this pandemic and its source for political and personal gain.

We’ve lost patience with media and peer portrayals of Sen. Rand Paul and a few others as being kooks while they expose the flaws and corruption that are finally leaking out into the open.

Our patience wears thin and blood pressure rises just thinking back to the media cover-up over the emails on Hunter’s laptop.

Hunter’s leveraging access to you as Vice-President in his murky foreign business deals and implications that you approved of and shared some benefits personally really do have us questioning your character and status as a free man right now.

We’re impatient with the image that our President portrays across the free world - weak, ineffective, unreliable, and untrustworthy - with US interests seemingly last on his priorities list.

We’re sick of a senile stand-in telling us he’s not supposed to answer questions, and he has another meeting to get to.

We’re embarrassed for him that his own closest associates have so little faith is his ability to represent us, that his mic is frequently cut off when he begins talking off script.

Our patience is as thin as possible just recounting how badly the whole Afghanistan withdrawal was botched and what is happening to thousands of Americans (Sec of State Blinken Sept. 13) and other allies and innocents as we read this.

And this administration standing in the way of the private sector and nonprofits trying to remedy the situation by getting our people out? Having the passengers removed from planes, and handing passports and paperwork to the Taliban is treasonous and worthy of the gallows at sunrise.

“Our patience is wearing thin” doesn’t quite cover it. Yet, we’re forced to listen to our President chastise American citizens for what he deems inappropriate behavior.

I understand that President Biden is not at full capacity, but he has not stepped down and has not been relieved of his position.

His dereliction of duty over the past nine months is a permanent stain on our nation. It depreciates the honor and respect our parents and grandparents created as patriotic, selfless Americans.