NASCAR driver Brandon Brown had just secured his first career win in 113 Infinity series starts, taking the checkered flag minutes earlier in the Sparks 300 on October 2 at Talladega. 

Brown had just climbed out of his vehicle by the grandstands, grabbed the checkered flag to celebrate, and taken his helmet off in jubilation, with the occasional OMG’s and “let’s go!” exclamations, when NBC’s NASCAR pit reporter, Kelli Stavast, started to conduct her post-race interview.

Before Brown could fully answer her second question, a low hum from the grandstands began to gain steam.  During the brief pause in questioning, the repeating stadium chant of “F---Joe-Bi-den” was clearly discernible. 

I was impressed with Kelli’s quick thinking to salvage the situation as she drove right into the next  question, “Brandon, you also told me... as you can hear the chants from the crowd... ‘Let’s go Brandon’”...  Nice save!

There’s no question, the chant was vulgar and demeaning, and reflects a deteriorating degree of common respect in our society. 

However, US politicians are noted for thick skin these days.  Many people will argue Biden is getting off lightly if that chant is all he faces.  And it’s still far less than what Trump endured.

Since that time, the “Let’s Go, Brandon” meme has taken off, gaining a life of its own as a cultural more kid-friendly euphemism of sorts. It is a clean version of how millions want to express their displeasure with Biden and his mixture of incompetence, apathy, and malice that have led to so many crushing failures for the nation over the last year.

A “Let’s Go, Brandon” banner was flown over Jordan-Hare Stadium at Auburn. T-shirts, mugs, and hats have been produced for sale.  In addition, Independent rap artist, Loza Alexander, also had the #1 rap hit on iTunes with it and was trending heavily on YouTube, having been watched by many millions.  Viewer Discretion is Advised, but Loza has adapted the level of disgust currently festering even in those disinterested in politics and rarely critical of a Democrat.

We know the original F-J-B started in the stands at Talladega, which is not exactly a bastion of liberal ideology.  

However, it had been spreading across the country in full college and NFL stadiums,  busy urban intersections, and other places where throngs gathered. The chant was also taking place outside Boston’s Fenway Park during an ALCS post-game show.   Massachusetts IS a bastion of liberal ideology.

That tends to prove it has a wide-ranging release of far-reaching disdain.

 Kelli is catching a lot of grief from some conservatives, who claim she is one of those media types who came up with a quick spin lie before thinking.  I don’t know her leanings, but alleging a political maneuver is a tough call.

Some also say Kelli’s deflection at the track may have been an opportunity to spare the President’s feelings.  

Please, spare ME.

Her job is not to run cover for the President.  She was on live TV with a untenable and unplanned situation.  She used her experience to ad-lib.  Too bad she couldn’t trademark the phrase instantly.  She could retire. 

Besides, our new ‘Brandon’ is a big boy, now.  He will be fine.  He’s heard worse and said worse I’m sure.  He willingly entered into this fray, and he has created a deep cesspool for himself in 10 months.  Let him climb out on his own.  

Does he want his teddy and his blankie while he waits for mommy to come and tuck him in?  We can accommodate that.

Let’s go, Brandon.