There is an abundance of disputed evidence in the impeachment case against Donald Trump, and there are details we will never know that could tilt public opinion in either direction. However, most people already know where they stand on the issue.

We do know that Trump is full of himself - that despite a rousing economy that has more people across the economic ladder doing better than ever - every situation is about him. He fashions himself a king as much as our President.

We know that the national news media is unabashedly against him at every turn.

We know Adam Schiff is still not ready to let go of the long-ago dismissed topic of Russian collusion with Trump in 2016.

We also know that the impeachment articles submitted to the Senate contain no crimes. Abuse of power is purposely vague and is not within the constitutional criteria for impeachment.

Some say the framers couldn’t have possibly known all of the parameters that could be in play two and a half centuries afterward. They insist the articles adequately outline the case against the President who used his position as leverage for personal gain.

The argument as to whether it was a casual request or simple extortion by Trump for Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy to verify suspected underhanded dealings and the quid pro quo ventures of Joe Biden and his coddled son, Hunter, will rage on for decades. That despite Zeleskyy’s consistent assertions that he was not pressured.

However, we now know that Joe Biden used his position as Vice-President to wedge his son into several lucrative foreign professional positions that he was totally unqualified to occupy. The fact that this issue is still about Trump, and not about how Joe Biden is still the leading democrat to challenge Trump in November, tells us all we need to know about the left-wing efforts to substitute revenge for justice.

The Founders brilliantly foresaw this situation wherein philosophical differences combining with a simple majority of votes in the Senate could prove chaotic for the nation and any President who took an aggressive stance. That is where the two/thirds majority comes into play and why this whole charade is such a farce on its last leg. Everyone knows the impeachment effort doesn’t stand a chance, but the circus is still run by the ring masters.

Six of the seven House impeachment managers announced by Nancy Pelosi have been open to Trump’s impeachment before he officially took office. Two of them were officially on the record long before the House’s December 18 vote to impeach Trump on charges of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. This was the fourth impeachment resolution taken up by the full House in some form.

It’s not treasonous to oppose the President at every political juncture. However, the constant preoccupation with finding avenues for an ouster is a calculated, ongoing, modern-day coup attempt.

Billionaire Democratic Presidential aspirant, Michael Bloomberg (4th place at 10%), recently shifted his television ad message in several key election states to directly call for Trump’s removal from office. I saw it locally several times last week.

That’s nothing more than trying to influence the Senate jury in an impeachment trial.

Bloomberg has already spent more than $225 million on advertising since he entered the race and supposedly is prepared to spend up to $2 billion for the Democratic nominee (whomever it is) to unseat President Trump in the 2020 general election.

He has also pledged $10 million to a Democratic group for television ads to defend vulnerable House Democrats against Republican-backed anti-impeachment ads, and has promised at least $15 million more to register potential Democratic voters in key general election swing states.

It also sounds like in the absence of any resonating message for middle America over the past three years, we have another mega-rich liberal democrat prepared to swing an election through any possible avenue.