Tom Magazzu

Tom Magazzu - Editor

What is so hard to understand about the fact that Covid-19 originated in Wuhan, China?  Although it may be politically incorrect, stating such is accurate, not racist or xenophobic.   

Twitter is fine with China’s Deputy Director General of Information, Lijian Zhao, continuing with claims that the epidemic originated in the US.  So who cares what brats in the media or in Hollywood think about the term “Chinese virus” or “Wuhan virus”?   

There is so much we could cover about this situation and likely will in weeks to come.  

A few brief points.

Limits on store purchases for select items are somewhat understandable during a crisis situation.  It does make unnecessary hoarding more difficult.  However, a two item limit, as instituted on dozens of products in at least a couple of local stores may be a little overboard. 

We’re not talking two of every type.  Two cans of green beans, two single rolls of bath tissue, two bags of any kind of rice.  

 Have they even thought about the single mom with three kids who rushes to the sitter’s, then to the store with the kids when she gets off work.  How is two cans of beans supposed to work for her?  Is she supposed to expose herself and her kids to sickness every 

day in order just to keep some food on the table?  

If remote learning is so easy at these universities across the country, why are we sinking hundreds of millions in taxpayer dollars annually into design, brick, mortar, and landscaping at these public universities?


What should be even more alarming to taxpayers than the virus scare is how ill-equipped many of us are to take care of ourselves and our families with one significant hiccup.

I understand there are going to be many unavoidable situations that people are thrown into.  Some will simply experience bad luck or get treated badly or unfairly.   There are always going to be some exceptions and situations where we have to assist as a society. 

However, there are smart, healthy, able-bodied people who don’t think a day past today; who don’t care about anything but now and themselves. 

There are people who have a gym membership, trendy clothes, a tanning routine and nice nails, yet would be flat broke if their income were cut off for two weeks. 

I’m not sure how a family can justify several TV’s, cable, an X-BOX, and a tablet for each child, yet won’t come up with a doctor’s copay because they  consider the emergency room as their primary care facility. 

There is no excuse to get pregnant in 2020 if that child cannot be properly cared for - by someone other than the state. 

There are no or low-cost options to take preemptive precautions, the nature of which most taxpayers don’t have a problem with supporting.  

It is an achilles heel that the richest country in the world has so many people who can’t make ends meet through no fault of their own.  

It is absolutely insane that we have another set that can make ends meet and could be much better prepared if only they didn’t live so irresponsibly.  There are far too many people who never give that issue a thought, because they know the nanny state will be there to prop them up.

We have an article in this week’s paper about a living WWII veteran in our community who was at Iwo Jima.  What a drastic difference there is in the overall mindset of our society now only three generations removed.