Tom Magazzu

Tom Magazzu - Editor

We had plenty of ego and opinion when Donald Trump was in office.  Many thought he was an embarrassment, yet he placed the United States at the forefront once again.  We weren’t looked upon as second fiddle and didn’t lick anyone else’s boots.    

Last week’s funeral for Queen Elizabeth offered an opportune chance for Joe Biden to get a lot of favorable pre-US election coverage.  As one of Britain strongest allies, Biden and wife, Jill, would get national and international coverage by just being there as our official representatives.   

However, Biden managed to seize that moment only to embarrass the U.S.  Biden is only prompt for vacations and is late for most other events and appointments. Surely, he wouldn’t be late for a funeral, and not the biggest funeral the world has ever witnessed, an event that would be choreographed to the second.  With his heavily tarnished U.S. reputation already in tow, Biden was late to the funeral. 

Biden had the option of going to the funeral with other world leaders in special shuttle buses, but he turned that down. Rather, he decided to take his limo, the Beast, the highly protected presidential limousine that travels with POTUS nearly everywhere.  Why? It certainly wasn’t saving energy or helping the environment. It could have been to avoid contact with other world leaders who may realize the obvious when spending a few minutes with him.  Perhaps security was the reason, although other world leaders were fine with the measures being taken.  Perhaps the Bidens were just high-browing it, hot lowering themselves to a bus ride.

Regardless, the deviation, excess traffic, and tight security resulted in delays that should have been expected, and the Bidens being late to the funeral.  

When they arrived, Biden was forced to stand and wait until a procession of George and Victoria Cross-holders passed ahead of them down the nave of the abbey.  The Biden’s were then seated 14 rows back. 

Biden had already created a stir because he needed a cue card for what to write in the condolence book for the Queen.

That’s not exactly the ideal way to build up the image for the U.S. internationally or his party at home.  

Never-ending buffoonery can cause dangerous problems with other nations and seriously hurt our interests.  Being relegated to the 14th row is not a good look for the alleged leader of the free world and one of Britain strongest allies. 

This charade has to end sometime.