Tom Magazzu

Tom Magazzu - Editor

That calming voice was ideally suited to the local nonprofit for which many people may remember her.  The Healing Place is a local nonprofit that offers grief support to children and their families after suffering the loss of a loved one.

I can’t imagine anyone better-suited to help quell the turmoil inside a grieving young person than Kay Parker.  

This area lost a special lady when Kay passed away September 25.  I met Kay around the time she and Sharon Scogin founded the Healing Place in 2001.  I knew her only through my association with The Healing Place and on occasion at other events or meetings we may happen to attend.  

Although the term, unique, is highly overused, Kay truly qualified.  She possessed a calming quality that is just beyond anything I experienced with anyone else.  Her soft-spoken manner and unassuming personality was so much of her charm.  Just being seated at a conference table with her fifteen feet away was refreshing.  

It was almost like you were getting a free blood-pressure therapy session with any 60-second interaction.  I never saw her demeanor waver whether in her professional capacity or in recent years after she retired  - catching each other in the grocery aisle on late Saturday afternoons.     

Regardless of the circumstances, each occasion was special.  

I’m sure Kay faced challenges in her life, but you’d never know it.  She was always finding the blessings and positives in any situation, and she was always concerned with how others were doing.  That outgoing nature demonstrates why she taught Sunday school classes for 50 years.  

Kay earned the honor of being named the Times Daily’s Shoals Woman of the Year in 2007.  That meant so much to her because of the recognition and attention it brought to The Healing Place, and she knew THAT would benefit people in need.  

Kay was a living example of how we can bring a more cheerful heart to each new day.  We will miss seeing her and hearing that soft voice.  Her friends and family will have a huge void for many years. 

Just knowing Kay as distantly as I did was truly a blessing.