Tom Magazzu

Tom Magazzu - Editor

Some voters can be so mindless sometimes.

Denigrating Jeff Sessions during the primary season and again for the U.S. Senate runoff seemed to be one of Donald Trump’s spring priorities. And for some reason, that is not surprising.

I know we have Auburn fans and a lot of non-sports fans who support Tommy Tuberville. That’s fine. No offense intended because by most accounts Tommy is a good guy. However, he is a complete novice politically. This is more about Trump and Sessions

For Trump to support Tuberville over Sessions in the Alabama senate is half-witted at best. For Trump to repeatedly insult and besmirch his efforts and his loyalty to this president and this country is outright stupidity; a mindless ego taking over when rational thought is required.

Trump’s overall treatment of Sessions has been appalling. Sessions is one of the true statesmen we have left. He was the best thing Trump had going for him, even after Sessions dutifully and correctly recused himself as Attorney General from the Russian collusion farce. Through the verbal onslaught afterward, Sessions continued to demonstrate the utmost class and patience before and during the recent Senate campaign. I have seen nothing post-election from Sessions to change that.

The fact that Republicans in Alabama are stupid enough to cast Sessions’ experience and decorum aside in favor of a side show demonstrates that the 2017 special election with Roy Moore beating Luther Strange in the runoff was not just an aberration. It’s Foolishness X2.

And don’t take this wrong; I like Tommy. He’s probably a lot of fun to sit down over a cold iced tea with.

He would be fine running for a county position or leading an annual state charity campaign, but as a U.S. Senator?

What does he know? What are his positions? He avoided any discussion with the media or Sessions. Oh yeah, he has Trump’s back. So did Sessions – over and over. Sessions knows the law. He HAD TO recuse himself from the investigation, because he was closely tied to it.

So Tommy has Trump’s back. What if Trump loses? The way he runs his mouth lately, that is a very real possibility.

First, there is no guarantee that Tuberville will beat Jones. Jones has many millions in out-of state funding and plenty of opportunity to expose some things in Tuberville’s closet. Sessions has no secrets to expose and would not lose to Jones. His US citizen/taxpayer first philosophy (what democrats call ‘racist’) would have coasted to a victory in November.

If Tuberville does beat Jones, but the Democrats retake the Senate, and Biden beats Trump, Tuberville is a lost housecat in a hayfield with 99 coyotes. Sessions could have navigated any situation with knowledge and relationships.

With Shelby in his 80’s the once formidable Alabama senate duo of Sessions and Shelby will have a much less noticeable glimmer much sooner than expected.

Apparently, Republicans did not learn anything from the 2017 special-election debacle.