An exciting NBA Finals series closed last week with the Toronto Raptors beating the defending champion Golden State Warriors for the NBA title. Considering how injury- depleted the Warriors were during the playoff run, as a fan I am very proud that they made it to the finals and took it to six games.

In contrast to the greatness we see on the court, some NBA players have egos that extend beyond the boundaries of their own realities.

TMZ recently reported that several NBA teams are now using different terms for team owners as a way to avoid the racially insensitive term “owner.”

You read that correctly. Last year, the topic was raised on LeBron James’ talk show, The Shop, where Warriors forward Draymond Green bristled at the term.

“You shouldn’t say, owner,” Green said at the time, adding, “Owners should be called CEOs or majority shareholder, or some other term because it is insensitive to say a white man owns the labor of black men.”

As I recall, no one was forcing Green to play in the NBA after his stint at Michigan State. It was his choice. With a salary of over $17 million/ year, the stumbling block over the term ‘owner’ doesn’t seem to be insurmountable.

Green is big-time player and generally a smart guy. One notable exception was when he decided to deliver a punch to the groin of a defenseless LeBron James close to the end of game 4 of the 2016 NBA finals. The Warriors were winning the game handily and would be taking a 3-1 series lead back home. They were a virtual lock close out the Cleveland Cavaliers in five games and finish off the greatest season in NBA history. Instead, Green’s ego and temper triggered the most nonsensical, bone-headed play in NBA history. Green was suspended by the league for game 5, giving the Cavs an edge in personnel, momentum, and hope which they seized upon. It changed the whole tenor of the series as the Cavs came through with three straight wins and the 2016 NBA championship.

So Green CAN say and do some stupid things. This owner thing is right up there. Yet he is not alone. Since black players overwhelmingly comprise NBA rosters, more players are joining the chorus.

The owner of any team is just that, the OWNER. Employees at any business work for the owner at the owner’s discretion. Furthermore, comparing a slave owner to the owner of an NBA team is about as preposterous as it gets. The two have no parallel except for race when the owner is white and a player is black. Any association is a huge insult to those blacks who suffered through real hardships for hundreds of years.

According to, the league had 503 active players at some point this year. More than 430 made over $1 million this year. Over 300 made $2 million plus, and 200 players made $5 million or more. All that is just NBA money. It includes no endorsements, speaking fees, etc. I am all for a free market, but some of those salaries for marginal talent are nonscensical. By all rights, if the players were sincere about their concern for social disparities, half of their income should go towards urban issues in their respective markets. Some ARE very generous already. Some are not.

Maybe Green would like to get out of the league and coach a high school or junior college team for $50-$75,000 per year, or buy some gym equipment and open some workout locations.

Unfortunately, the NBA is notoriously quick to give in to any progressive issue. Not surprisingly at least two teams have already moved away from the term “owner.”

One is now called the “chairman” of the team, and another now has “managing partners” instead of owners. Co-owners are called “limited partners.”

The NBA as a league has also apparently changed its term for team owners. A note from the league recently informed TMZ that owners are called “governors” in official league meetings. And the NBA calls the collective owners its “board of governors.”

I’m sure more PC nonsense will be on the way soon.

I wonder when the real estate industry will have to refrain from using the term, “master bedroom”?

When is it going to become illegal to grow cotton because the searing image of endless white and brown fields on a fall horizon will be too much for some people to bear?

We can also guarantee that the current NBA logo will change from the image of Hall-of-Famer Jerry West soon after he dies or gets accused of a gaffe worthy of league banishment. His image on that logo is too white.