Tom Magazzu

Tom Magazzu - Editor

So many of today’s young voters aren’t old enough to remember the mid-late 80’s. 

Donald Trump and Joe Biden were energetic middle-age personalities at the top of their games.

Trump was an attractive, married, aggressive business personality that the media was drooling over.  Biden was a seasoned senator from Delaware who was looking at a presidential run in 1988.  

Everyone marveled at Donald Trump.  We have so easily forgotten the star-power that he possessed, the draw that television and film HAD TO have years ago.  Long before his top shelf TV shows, The Apprentice and Celebrity Apprentice, (2004-15) the media held him up as an example of the American business spirit, with success running rampant. 

Trump had 21 random appearances on television, all but one portraying himself.  It started with an episode of The Jeffersons in 1985, and continued with other top draws like The Nanny, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, The Drew Carey Show, Sex and the City, the 58th Emmy Awards, Saturday Night Live, 

and more.  He appeared in over a dozen movies including Zoolander, Two Weeks Notice, The Little Rascals, The Associate, and the memorable cameo in the 1992 Home Alone 2: Lost in New York, when Macaulay Culkin’s character, Kevin McCallister, asked Trump for directions in his hotel.

Dozens of network interviews in and around that time include those with Mike Wallace, Tom Brokaw, Keith Jackson, and Oprah Winfrey to name a few.  Some were asking him (or pushing him) about his interest in the U.S. Presidency.   

Meanwhile, Biden was a 15 year senate veteran, one of a few prominent Democrats poised for the coming 1988 primary season.  He had names like Al Gore, Jesse Jackson, Gary Hart, and Michael Dukakis to contend with.    His presidential prospects dwindled quickly amid a series of plagerizations and education fabrications that the media jumped on.

Biden used phrases and gestures from of a speech by British Labor Party leader, Neil Kinnock, during a debate in Iowa without giving Kinnock credit.  Biden went as far as to include the Welch syntax which seemed odd enough to prompt a further look.  

During a speech to the California Democratic Party, Biden intermingled numerous word-for-word passages that were lifted from a speech made by the late Robert F. Kennedy just before his assassination in 1968.

Admitting that he had little interest in law school initially, Biden claimed that he rebounded and graduated in the top half of his law school class.  Biden’s law school records showed that he actually graduated 76th in his law school class of 85.  

Biden also claimed in political speech that he had attended law school on a full academic scholarship.   The records show his scholarship only covered about half of his tuition.

That was all too much for the voters to look past, and he was forced to suspend has candidacy before the primaries got underway.  

On one hand, it’s easy for the media to look back at Biden and forgive and forget.  On the other hand, with Trump, it’s just easy for them to forget.

Of course, that was back when Trump aligned himself with the democrats, a more reasonable and rational version of the party.  Barely a shell of its former self, the party has adopted far, ultra-fringe left philosophies and frustrated many in its base, including minorities.  They gloat in anarchy and societal deterioration while accusing republicans of being racist, divisive fascists.  

The re-emergence of Trump in 2016 has spawned a four-year platform of hatred that that most networks no longer care to hide.   

They are all over his recent income tax numbers, even though that is what happens when businesses lose money under the current tax structure.  Business people in both parties can take advantage of numerous credits and allowances when money is lost.  

It happens in most every community every year, if just on a lesser scale.    

Golf courses, commercial tenants, hotels, high-density office buildings, and luxury retailers that depend on foot-traffic have all fallen on hard times since March.  Trump is involved in these types of operations.  Unless the tax code is changed, his accountants will document continued losses in many areas.    

I’m sure the media will continue to create excessive drama where there is none and won’t let us forget about all these Trump failings.

Maybe they should pay more attention to mind-numbing situations that actually mean something instead of trying to change the course of history with their Trump-related meltdowns.