Tom Magazzu

Tom Magazzu - Editor

Despite a few isolated pockets of unrest and some absolute craziness going on in official places, Americans have so much to be thankful for. This is especially true for those of us tucked away in northwest Alabama. Let’s touch on a few of these.

Our drinking water is clean, and there is plenty of food to go around if we distribute it wisely. Our air is clean, and greenspaces and wildlife are abundant.

For the most part we can still speak our minds without fear. In other socialist/communist countries, you and your family can disappear to a political prison camp if you say something disrespectful about those in leadership positions.

We can be thankful for family that is still around, bull-headed or not. We can also be thankful for great memories from the relationships that we once cherished.

Opportunity here is endless. We may not all start on even ground. However, we can take advantage of our public education system and work hard for good grades. We can learn a well-paying trade or earn college scholarships to two and four-year institutions, and realize the American Dream. These opportunities continue to expand.

Our history is relatively short. However, our country’s diversity of beauty is amazing, and so much of it is free to see.

We can be thankful for the safety and security that our military, law enforcement, and first-responders offer. And if need be, we can be grateful for the ability to legally protect ourselves and our family.

We should be thankful for the overall American spirit of generosity. We may not even know an individual, yet so many of you are always willing to help.

We can be thankful for the freedom to worship as we choose, or not at all.

The values of our area cannot be over-emphasized. While things are not perfect, improvement is evident in many areas.

Our staff here is thankful for the opportunity to bring you the Courier Journal’s values, news, and entertainment each week.

We should be thankful for our ever-expanding ability to coexist with others - differing skin tones, races, religions, ethnicities, and cultures - to coexist as one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

Have a Happy, Blessed, and Safe Thanksgiving!