WEEK 5 - Saturday, September 28

DEADLINE: Friday, September 27 at 5pm

WEEK 3 - September 14 WINNER - Georgia Priest of Town Creek

Securing the winning position in Septermber 14th's contest by correctly guessing 10 of 11 games, Georgia Priest of Town Creek bested all others who missed two or more games! Congratulations, Georgia! You win the $50 Longhorn Steakhouse Gift Card this week.

Week 1 - September 1 Winner: Elaine Poorman of Florence
Week 2 - September 7 Winner: Randy James of Rogersville

RULES: You can only enter for yourself, not other people. Only one entry per person per week. Only one winner per week. Check the box beside the appropriate picks for the first 11 games, then write in the exact score of the tie-breaker game. Person with the most correct picks receives a $50 Gift Card from Longhorn Steakhouse in Florence. No change will be returned for any unused portion of the certificate. Gratuity is not included. In event of a tie, the tie-breaker score will be utilized. Otherwise, it will not be considered. Closest tie-breaker score wins. Total points will be next tie breaking procedure, and a random drawing of finalists will be used to determine the winner if they are still tied after tie-breaking procedure. Person with the winning card for the week, who also picks every game correctly including tie-breaker, will also win $50 from the Courier Journal and another $50 Longhorn Gift Card. Judges decision is final. Mailed entries must be post-marked by deadline day. Hand-delivered, faxed or on-line entries must be submitted by exact time of deadline stated above. NO EXCEPTIONS. Winner is posted on website each Tuesday afternoon and in the paper delayed by one week. Employees and family of Courier Journal and Game Day Scorecard sponsors are ineligible to win.

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