In response to Linda Johnson’s letter from July 13, entitled “Consumers are to Blame,” she stated that in December the gas price was $ 3.29/gal.  

Fact Check: gas was $2.38 the day that President Trump left office and Biden was sworn in.

That day, Biden cancelled the Keystone Pipeline and killed many good paying union jobs.  He also outlawed drilling on federal land.  The next day gas was at $ 3.42/gal.  

Biden blamed Putin for the increase in gas prices because he invaded Ukraine.  Putin invaded Ukraine on Feb 21, 2022.  Gas was going up well before that.  

Linda stated that the rise in the price of diesel is not controlling the price of groceries.  The price of diesel has doubled for farmers since last year. It costs the farmers more to grow food, and truckers pay double to deliver food to grocery stores. 

Biden’s policies are to blame, not the consumers.  Had he allowed the production of gasoline in America, he would not have to beg Saudi Arabia for more oil and reserves to China.  He says he is doing everything he can to bring down the price of gas. I don’t think so. 

On July 13 when your letter was printed in the Courier Journal, the inflation rate was 9.1%, groceries up 12.2%, housing up 5.6%, natural gas up 38%.

Biden has proposed an additional $ 14.4 trillion in new deficits, over the next decade, even after his proposed tax hikes. Biden’s policies of disincentivizing workers, and adding millions of able-bodied adults to welfare rolls have created a labor shortage. 

That is why you see now hiring signs, desperate to fill more than eleven million jobs, a near-record high.  That is two open jobs for every job seeker. 

Linda closed her letter by saying beans and taters are really good.  That is the only thing I agree with her on.  

Rogers Kimbrell