Prenatal American babies shelter-in-place in their little homes. They hide contentedly for months socially distancing themselves from the world. Science and medical technology acknowledge their personhood even while in hiding. Biblical precedence recognizes babies’ names and gender before birth and even before conception. See King Cyrus, John the Baptist, and Immanuel.

As their day in Supreme Court approaches, their legal defense is prepared in the 14th Amendment. “Nor shall any State deprive any person of life… without due process of law.” Biblical court has precedence again. King Solomon offered to split a baby in half to determine its real mother.  She resigned to losing the baby if that kept it alive. The other woman petitioned to go ahead and split the baby. The real mother received the baby and public recognition as the mother. The other woman left with only a working reputation.

The problem here is with dishonorable men who start babies and let them be slaughtered.  Their claim to choice and health comes long before the women can ever make such a claim. Abortion’s primary benefit is to discharge men from responsibility to any mothers and babies that they have rendered by prior discharges. They are free to dock again for more discharge opportunities.

Honoring women is one of the duties of man. Redeeming and restoring this privilege is best done by returning to honor Christ first. Men must honor Christ and then honor women just as Christ honored the church by living and dying for it. That’s when we will stop sacrificing children at the abortion altar. Judgment is coming.

Floyd Jones