I don’t care what you call it. We are responsible for our choices, and we must live with the consequences. Women have the right to choose whether to have sex. If that right is taken away, it is defined as rape.

Living human beings have the right to life. If two living cells unite and continue developing a new individual life, it is living and has the right to continue living. If the woman’s choice is to kill the living, it is defined as murder.

Both rape and murder carry consequences and should be applied to the offender. The person in the womb has the right to life as well as all human beings, regardless of age!

Parents need to educate their children concerning the choices they make and the consequences of those choices. Although I am in my 70’s, I can still hear my mother’s response to my phrase “...but everybody is doing it”. Her response was simple, but effective, “You are not everybody. You are Charlotte, and you make your own decisions.

Charlotte Manis