The recent news reports on illegal immigration is an unfortunate example of how the mass media and the Democrats have teamed up to exploit immigrants at our southern border. President Trump and the GOP tried repeatedly to do something about the border situation for several months, but the Democrats and the mass media claimed it was just a “manufactured crisis” by the President.

To potential immigrants, the Democrats inaction coupled with Pelosi’s statement that the Democrats would only do something about immigration after the 2020 elections, signaled that we have an open border. The flow of immigrants then jumped significantly with over 100,000 per month now flowing across the border. There are videos on the internet showing semi-truck loads of immigrants in caravans coming up through Mexico. ICE has documented immigrants from 120 countries among those crossing the border, many with serious diseases. Obviously, this situation is a serious national security issue—but national security is not of concern to Democrats. Their greater need is their lust for power—not the welfare of the nation.

The present detention conditions exist because of inadequate funding (stopped by Democrats) coupled with the huge increase in immigrant flow (promoted by Democrat actions). Democrats and the mass media are far more interested in making the President look bad than solving this problem. This is a classic case of Democrats creating a problem and then saying that we need to elect Democrats to fix the problem.

Note how the Democrat politicians flocked to the southern border just before the July 4th holiday so the media could scream about the detention facilities and overshadow the President’s July 4th celebration. Again, classic mass media/Democrat actions.

For those that want to help this situation, one way would be for them to send their names and addresses to this newspaper and the newspaper publish them. That way when illegal immigrants arrive, the immigrants can be taken directly to these homes. The homeowners don’t have to be present when the illegal immigrants arrive or open their door to them. The illegal immigrants can kick the door in at any hour of the day and make themselves at home. Remember, the homeowner must provide and pay for all their needs—including health care—and it would be inhumane for the homeowners to do otherwise or remove them.

P Badger