Daily we are fed so-called news articles. For example, “(AG) Barr slammed as Trump’s Protector, Dems set to hold (AG) Barr in contempt, Trump team resists oversight, The concept of ‘self-impeachment, etc.”; and Commentary: “Will Trump, Supreme Court ruin democracy?, Barr has corrupted report debate, etc.” When is slanderous news considered factual journalism anymore? The power of the press can be terrifying when it is all about swaying public opinion. Is there any factual news about AG Barr offering an “un-redacted version of the almost two year, 30 million dollar, investigation conducted by “independent” prosecutor Robert Mueller to members of the Congressional Committee?

Any reporting about the Inspector General’s forth coming report? Any reporting about AG Barr appointing a US attorney to investigate the origins of the Russia investigation and to determine if the FBI surveillance of the Trump campaign in 2016 was legal? Any factual reporting why the IRS is not releasing the president’s past tax records? Any reporting on why the Democratic controlled House is not passing legislation, but is spending their time conducting additional investigations? Any fair reporting on the illegals coming into our country? Any commentary on why Congress does address the illegal immigration problem? Any fair reporting of the President trying to level the trade imbalance, bring back manufacturing jobs, improve the economy, etc.? It is known that repetition is part of the learning process. In the military we constantly trained over and over until the task became automatic reflex. Dictators have found by controlling the media and having them “repeat, repeat, and repeat” the party line, the masses become indoctrinated. Sadly, it seems America is being subjected to the “party line” by the Mainstream Media.

John Lee