Courier Journal Editor

Many Democrats are very two-faced! They go ga-ga over 2020 candidate, Beto O’Rourke, who has a verifiable criminal record, but they tried to destroy Kavannah who had no criminal record. Then a single verbal charge about an alleged act in high school that only came to light after his selection to the Supreme Court.

They patted themselves on the back over passing Obama Care without knowing what was in the Act. They were and are still proud of electing the only U.S. President in history to sign a law making Americans purchase something from the government - and they call President Trump a dictator.

Nothing was said when Hillary approved Russian purchase of 51% ownership of the U.S. company producing uranium and of her receiving a huge donation to the family library shortly thereafter. Neither was anything said about her illegally using government emails for personal use hundreds of times when ordinary people were given long jail terms for doing the same thing once or twice.

The Democrats said nothing when it was proved Planned Parenthood was selling infant body parts and even backed a civil suit against a state government seeking to block the continued body parts sale within the state (P.P. lost).

Now their current legislation, HB-1, seeks to lower the voting age to 16; allow everyone living in the U.S., regardless of citizenship to vote; loosens voter absentee requirements; lowers immigration requirements-read open borders, and is the first step to limit Presidential powers stopping immigrants from a specific country.

Their latest step showing their great interest in protecting America is their pending legislation insisting America suffer an atomic attack before responding. This is the same as saying I can take no action against an armed intruder in my home until after he has killed a family member.

These Democrats hope to buy votes by promising to make socialism work contrary to all evidence. They refuse to consider all historical evidence of its failure whether it be on our own Indian Reservations or several examples, current and historical, of other countries.

Washington, D.C. Democrats’ agenda seems to be stop anything President Trump tries to do because he messed up their plans to continue owning the White House and his plans are working contrary to their ideology.

Floyd Price