Here is more info on the insanity going on at the California port at Long Beach. This is why 73 or more ships have been anchored off shore waiting to unload. No trucks and no drivers. TOO MANY REGULATIONS.

The NEWS says the California port situation is caused by a driver shortage. 

Not so fast: It is in part caused by a California Truck Ban which says all trucks must be 2011 or newer and a law called AB 5 which prohibits Owner Operators. Traditionally the ports have been served by Owner Operators (nonunion); which California banned. 

Long term, truckers in California are not investing in new trucks because California has a law that makes them illegal in 2035. The requirement is to purchase electric trucks which do not exist. 

California Air Resources Board (CARB) begin blocking certain trucks’ DMV registrations in 2020. Carriers domiciled in California with trucks older than 2011 model, or using engines manufactured before 2010, need to meet the Board’s new Truck and Bus Regulation beginning in 2020 or their vehicles will be blocked from registration with the state’s DMV, the state has said.

The new “health-based requirements” will need to be met before a driver is allowed to register his or her truck through the Department of Motor Vehicles, CARB says. An enforcement tool being used by the DMV since 2020 will automatically block 2010 and older trucks from registration.

In the words of Paul Harvey, “Now you know the rest of the story.”

Bill Jones

Loma Linda, CA