According to an article by Philip Sheen in the October 20 Guardian, Attorney General Barr who has a reputation for being a devout Catholic, is under attack by prominent liberal Catholics who claim that his faith is a threat to the separation of church and state.

Many of the citizens of this nation are ignorant of the true meaning of the First amendment to the Constitution concerning freedom of religion. Many politicians misuse it to limit the very freedom of religion it guarantees.

The amendment prohibits Congress from making any law establishing a religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof. A study of history reveals that their concern was having one religion established for the country by the Congress.

In a speech at the University of Notre Dame Law school, Attorney General Barr discussed his faith. He revealed how it affects his decision making.

C. Colt Anderson is a Roman Catholic theology professor of religion at Fordham University who believes Barr is a threat to American democracy. He describes Barr’s speech as a dog whistle to ultra conservative Catholics who have aligned themselves to Donald Trump in a campaign to limit the rights of LGBTQ Americans, non-Christians, Muslims, and to criminalize almost all abortion.

According to the Guardian article, Catholic employees who answer to Barr are upset by his speech. He goes on to say that the Attorney General is taking positions that are essentially undemocratic because they demolish the wall between church and state.

A few years ago the idea that a Catholic would be in favor of legal abortion would have been unbelievable. I thank God for Attorney General Barr. Like President Trump, he is what this nation needs.

Euell White