I woke up old and all alone

Feeling sorry for myself.

And then I turned on my TV

And realized I am blessed.


People in the nursing homes

Cannot leave their rooms.

Loved ones can no longer visit

All they know is gloom.


I am 85 with a loving family

I have food upon my table

If I want to go out and walk

Thanks to God I am still able.


People in New York City

Are not allowed to go outside

The city once was a place of happiness

Is now about the people who have died.


And I looked at the Foodbank lines

Cars as far as you can see

I know but for the grace of God

In that line could be me.


They sit in the line for hours

Their family needs food no doubt

When they finally get to end of the line

Supplies have just ran out.


We are not to hug our loved ones

Very dangerous we are told

We have other ways to show our love

And still protect the sick and old.


Your family knows you love them

And they are forever in your heart

Show them how much you really care

By distancing 6 feet apart.


Small sacrifices seem a bit tedious

Only God knows what lies ahead

Alabama could be like New York

If the virus continues to spread.


Some people get very sick

While others may never know

They can be infecting people

Symptoms they never know.


Alabama continues to distance

And let’s do our very best

So we’ll never hear the word “Positive”

If we take the Covid-19 test. 


Barbara Casteel