Editor, Courier Journal;

A recent lengthy letter disparaged those who were Pro-Life. Thus, by implication, everything about Pro-Choice was right and proper.

I Disagree. You might be a Pro Choice liberal if…

...you believe anyone disagreeing with you is automatically wrong and should not have the right to express views other than those you espouse; even going so far to demand you should not have the right to gainful employment.

... you support the current VP and others who believe aborting babies any time prior to birth is acceptable.

... you are losing a discussion; you then claim the other’s views are ‘“racist” even though you support an organization founded by a rabid racist woman who believed only whites should live and be in control; all others should be aborted (Planned Parenthood).

...you believe the Constitution is outdated because it inhibits your ability to be unfettered in what you want do.

... you support Socialism even though this form of government has not worked in Sweden, Russia, Cuba or Venezuela.

.. you believe government can solve social and economic issues better than private enterprise.

.. you believe most religion is outdated, that God and Jesus are myths, and that humans can arrange for better activities and living arrangements.

There definitely are many liberals who do not fit the parameters above and continue to honestly disagree with conservatives on many issues. They discuss their differences and we even learn from one another on occasion.

Floyd Price