I always consider the qualifications of candidates before I cast my ballot.  I have voted Republican, Democrat and even for an Independent. On occasion I split my vote because I am more concerned with a candidate’s plans to help Alabama than their political leanings. After all, they represent everyone in their community, state, or country.  It isn’t a winner-take-all game with the loser having to move to another area. I hope Alabama Republicans decide to split their ticket and re-elect Doug Jones.

Tommy Tuberville relocated to Alabama two year ago specifically to run for office.  Does this show any loyalty to our state? Has he been here trying to make any improvements? His only platform is to parrot Donald Trump about flag burning, religious freedom, and gun rights. 

Since these are already covered by laws, this a non-issue. Alabamians need help out of poverty. Some 25% of our kids are food insecure. We need a living minimum wage of $11.27 per hour.  Our infrastructure, roads, bridges, WiFi accessibility, schools, and hospitals all need improvement for our quality of life.  Tuberville offers no plans, only platitudes. Doug Jones has lived here all his life and knows our needs. He works for solutions to better all our residents. Please consider splitting your vote.

Diana Tidwell