Perry O. Hooper Jr’s letter from Montgomery references America’s favorite son, except in Alabama.

Many of you will remember when Lee Greenwood stood on the stage in the Florence-Lauderdale Coliseum back in the late 80’s. He said the only reason he was putting on a show here was because of a band member coming from here. He angrily ranted that this was the worst and most backward place he had ever been to in his entire career. 

He took ten minutes of his intro and criticized his accommodations, the backward city, and the redneck state. There was no need for him to disrespect any of this.

Lee Greenwood is just a man that has used this one song to climb the ladder. He isn’t a gentleman, nor is he above anyone else.  His crassness at that ‘concert’ was the end of my affinity for his singing. You don’t get a pass at being a total jerk because of a song he made millions on.

It’s all about the green, just not all about Greenwood. Every time I hear ‘God Bless the USA’, I cringe.

Linda Johnson