Dear Editor: 

I hope for their sake that the Deep Staters in Washington keep Basement Joe on a tight leash. If he sleepwalks into war with Red China, everyone of them ought to  hang. This country is in no mood for a bloodletting in Asia, and probably never will be.

Biden has no business threatening the China military. Only one president can out-hustle the East, and that is Donald Trump. You think the Chinese made fools out of Swalwell and Pelosi? They’ll steal Biden’s pants quicker than they stole Swalwell’s!

Evidently, the MAGA movement is exposing Washington’s sinister side, a side we don’t ordinarily see in the mainstream media. There is a sense of desperation, almost of hysteria, coming out of the U.S. Congress, the Justice Department, and the FBI. Have some members of the Washington establishment been involved in questionable activity with China? Have they been involved in influence peddling and money laundering? We don’t know.

Again, who will fight Basement Joe’s foreign wars? Biden’s new Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, a leftist and former Obama official, surely knows the answer. No one will fight who is outside the professional military. A war with Red China won’t be won by “Special Forces,” or high-tech frogmen. Nor will it be won by brushfire “generals” from the Middle East wars. American liberals will never fight a war with Red China. They have been waterboys for the communists at least since the 1930’s.

If Blinken is smart, he’ll explain to Biden that it might not be a good idea to alienate 80 million conservatives. Otherwise, he may find himself one day without an army.

Thomas Ponder