It is now clear to me that if Dr. Anthony Fauci had not been born, we may have never had the COVID-19 pandemic. Fauci, through his control of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), indirectly funded the creation of this virus.

Had it not been for this funding, the virus may have never existed. The only reason it exists is the Wuhan Laboratory manufactured it through gain-of-function research. It did not exist in nature. 

Where did the Wuhan Laboratory get the money to pay for this research?  It came from Fauci. It was not funded by the Chinese Communist Party, even though they have been the main group of people that have benefited from it. They were able to control the virus in China but apparently chose to let it spread to the rest of the world by allowing travel outside of China. 

Just think how much money the world has spent on the virus, all to the benefit of the CCP, which, as of now, is trying to out-maneuver us. The United States has spent trillions on the virus (much of the money went to non-virus projects) and the Dems got a demented person elected to the highest office in the land.

Fauci wanted to make sure that he would continue to get funding for his precious gain-of-function research. His funds were about to be cut off in the United States; so, he routed the money to a foreign lab - in China, nonetheless, our number one enemy.  

Tom Jones