By now we’ve all heard the outrageous details of what the MSM is selling to the American public as the “Covid-19 Relief Package.” We are told that the main thing we need to know is that it gives everyone $600 of “free” money!  However, it is a small part of a much larger 5,590-page, $2.3 trillion government funding and coronavirus relief package. Based on the universal principles of the Republican Platform, no Republican should ever vote for this. The Preamble to the Republican Platform 2016 states, “We believe our constitutional system – limited government, separation of powers, federalism, and the rights of the people – must be preserved uncompromised for future generations.”

1) A bill with 5,590 pages is not likely 

to be read or scrutinized, especially if legislators are only given 6 hours to read it. Multi-issue, omnibus packages give the MSM the opportunity to generate support, if not demand, by focusing on the ”bait” while ignoring the part that undermines America. In fact, all omnibus packages enlarge the power of government, rather than limit its power, because a legislator is pressured to support the “bait”. 2) This package gives roughly $3 billion or more in foreign aid. The U.S. Constitution gives NO power to the federal government to give foreign aid…NONE. It not only violates a Republican principle, but it violates the oath of office to support the U.S. Constitution. 3) Our national debt is somewhere around $27 trillion. 2019 federal revenues were $3.46 trillion. 2019 total federal spending was $4.45 trillion. That is like one of us spending $64,306 every year we only make $50,000. It compromises future generations!

Wayne Christopher

Grand Bay, AL