In this time of madness, I am thankful for living in a state like Alabama and not in a “blue” state.  And then I read on the front page of the Courier Journal that the City of Florence is now requiring masks in city hall.  

Now I certainly believe a properly fitted N95 mask will provide protection to the wearer, but these cloth and disposable masks are for theatre.  There has been no evidence presented for mask effectiveness other 

than words coming out of “experts” mouths telling us they work.  Does anyone remember what Dr. Fauci initially said on masks?  

A recent study of 90,000 students in Georgia concluded there was almost no statistical benefit in students being masked.  In fact, other developed western countries are moving away from masking simply because there is not any evidence it works.  Does anyone remember how masking started - “15 days to flatten the curve”?  The state of Hawaii has been under mandatory masking for 500 days and they just set a record high for Covid cases.  It seems fairly obvious – masking is not effective.  So here is a solution: if you want to wear a mask you are free to do so.  If you think everyone should wear a mask, then you put on two.

One life lost to Covid-19, or the flu, or cancer, or anything else is heart breaking.  However, we used to be able to analyze risk, and accept some liability for the greater good.  For example, we could most likely eliminate automobile deaths if we put governors on automobiles which limited speed to 20 mph.  We could mandate helmets be worn in automobiles and save countless lives from head injuries – but we don’t.  A study just conducted by two doctors at Stanford University (hardly a conservative institution) has concluded the survival rates, in 10 year increments of age, for all known people infected with Covid: 0-19 years – 99.9973%; 20-29 years – 99.986%; 30-39 years – 99.969%; 40-49 years – 99.918%; 50-59 years – 99.73%; 60-69 years – 99.41%.  According to this data, the flu kills more people.  Our freedom is under assault!  The current administration in Washington D.C. is almost begging private employers to require vaccination as a condition of employment.  Think about that for a moment.  In large “blue” cities in America, you are required to be vaccinated in order to mingle within society.  We need a return to normal pre-covid life!

America, Alabama, and now the city of Florence are becoming unrecognizable – just like the “face behind the mask”!

Greg Duncan