I would like to respond to Mr. White’s recent letter on sin. Some people pull one thing from the Bible and pound it to death, but they do not find the other sins so despicable. Say the top ten. No other God before me, yet many today find their golden idol more pleasing than God. Money is their God. And because I don’t know if you are an orphan and would so honor your parents,

Let’s skip a few down to six. Adultery. In his own words, the man he voted for admitted that he not only sinned with adulterous intent but lied and coveted married women up to the point of trying to commit more sins. Lies being the most prolific of them. Videos available.

Now for those of you that disregard the top ten, let’s just pick one out at random...eating pork bacon..this being the south and Bible Belt. BBQ is a huge thing. Pork. How many times a week do you commit this horrendous act? You can’t do one thing and say that they are sinners with bigger sins. A sin is a sin. Being rich? How likely are you to get into the kingdom of heaven? Matthew 19:24. And if you condone sin by voting for them, what does that make you? Right? You are also culpable in the sins.

The sins of Americans are growing steadily every day. What I am showing you is that we are all sinners. One sin is not bigger. Maybe to you, but not to God.

Linda Johnson