Just listening to the media assessments of the Senate hearing with Attorney General William Barr proves how dishonest and distorted reporting is. Americans know that Adam Schiff and other corrupt Democrats want to see Barr taken down. Now the truth is about to come out how Clinton/Obama, some FBI, and other corrupt cohorts created the phony dossier that lead to the FISA report.

We all know those involved, including many in the media, are guilty in the conspiracy to destroy Trump.

The more they push the lies and the more they continue these Senate hearings, the more they turn viewers against them. We see them for what they are. That’s why they want Barr to resign. They are a bunch of scared rats trying to stop the investigation from turning toward them.

Thanks, Dems and media for confirming what you are. Your biggest mistake is that you thought Americans were stupid.

Your ratings will show you how stupid we are.

Paul Sabatino