To Editor:

Thank you President Trump

I want to thank you, my President, for having the brass to go against the grain like no other President has in my lifetime. Thank you for not plunging us into another war that we had no business getting into. Thank you for walking through HELL and back for the American people. Thank you for doing it FREE.  Thank you for working sometimes into the night while my wife and I are safe in our bed. Thank you for staring adversity and your enemies in the face. 

Thank you for keeping Almighty God in the nation we love. Thank you for not backing down and doing what was best even when many within government and without detested you. Thank you for your standing up for women, both black and white. Thank you for caring for the little guy. 

Thank you for standing up for God’s unborn children. Thank you for standing up against those of your own party who stood against you. Thank you for always putting our nation first, not like others. 

During the four years of your Presidency, I felt like I had a president who cared for the people of our country. May God always bless you and your family.

Michael Beck