The Editor,

How is it said? History repeats itself and those that ignore it cause it to repeat itself. What are some things in the history of the world we should remember, and what was the cause?

Only a few thousand years after creation “the wickedness of man was great in the earth and...the thoughts of people were evil continually”. The great flood occured saving only Noah and his family. Yes, this is history, not mythology. Check it out scientifically if you doubt it.

Some years later, men decided to build a tower whose top is in the heavens and make a name for themselves to avoid the command of the Creator to inhabit the earth. They were scattered throughout the earth as a result.

Later in Egypt, the people assigned gods for themselves which represented every phase of life. The famous 10 plagues and the Passover (Still a day of rememberance of that historical time today) occurred as a judgment on the Egyptians.

On Israel because of idolatry, and complaining about eating qual, and refusing to enter the promised land, after murmuring again, and when King David sinned. It occured to others also as with the Philistines. These were denounces as These were denounced as judgments for rebellions against the creator God

Persecution and pestilence are history. The holocaust, the great depression from 1929-1939 followed by the roaring twenties.

Amos the prophet told of the many ways God tried to get the people’s attention, giving them wars, loss of sons, droughts, famines, blight, and mildew and still the people would not return to God, who has promised to bless His people.

In the U.S.A. where they have been killing babies for over 50 years, teaching evolution in our schools, (even though we are not to establish a religion in government) and now promoting same-sex marriage.

Will we blame God for our refusal to acknowledge Him? Our founding fathers in the forming of this nation wrote, “We are endowed by our Creator for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” A nation blessed above most nations and for many years was acknowledged as a “Christian nation.” How will history read fo this pandemic and will we return to our Creator as our God?

Jake Van Dyke