When Biden was elected President he destroyed our status of being energy independent. 

When confronted about this he could have truthfully said, “America, you haven’t seen anything yet.” It would have been a rare true statement from him. 

The abandonment of our embassy in Afghanistan and leaving Americans and allies to be hunted down by the Taliban with our own left-behind weaponry left the world looking on with mouth agape, not realizing that this wasn’t the last embassy he would abandon. 

With each misstep he simply laughed and doubled down by eviscerating America’s sovereignty at the Southern Border, making life treacherous for Americans, immigrants, migrants and even illegals. Now with fuel prices doubled from when he first took office, he’s headed to the Middle East to beg for more oil. 

The deal he’ll make for that should scare everyone. Never before has our country been so damaged by a President.  He can’t address each of his mistakes without attaching either Putin’s name or the Pandemic to them.  His teleprompter gaffes are embarrassing.  But his handlers think it’s still better than just letting him speak and answer questions.  

The lack of integrity by mainstream media is appalling as these reporters stay silent at press conferences, (except for one reporter from Fox News). Now even his closest advisors are wanting him to not run for reelection.  He has driven a seemingly irreparable wedge between the political parties, to the point that even a Supreme Court had a major leak from someone there all for the purpose of riling up democrats for the midterm elections. 

Trump’s egotistical and bombastic personality didn’t sit well with elitist politicians and many liberals.  Yet, his policies had us with a great economy and a strong, proud military.  

The true assault and insurrection comes from the left. If we don’t get our country back on track, we may truly face a real socialist threat from within.  Even most democrats don’t want that.  Their vote for Biden was from their frustration over Trump’s personality, pure and simple. 

But now look where we are as a nation. I encourage every eligible voter to think long and hard before casting another vote for this kind of America. 

Wayne South