Looking for a new best friend for you or your family?

Chances are that this new puppy, kitten, adult dog, or cat is close by and waiting for you at the Florence-Lauderdale Animal Services facility. It is located on Roberson Road in the Florence Industrial Park.

Our shelter has lots of animals to choose from, including breed, size, age, and gender.

You can take your possible pet for a walk or a trial home stay. When you are ready to complete the adoption paperwork, you will find that the adoption fee will be less than $100 and includes all needed vaccinations, plus the spay/neuter procedure.

Compare that to the hundreds or even thousands of dollars charged by a breeder, online sales site, or pet store.

Sadly, many animals coming from some of these sources have health problems, which show up after the purchase has been completed.  Investigations conducted at many of these breeding sites have also uncovered cruel living conditions for both the adult parents as well as their offspring.

Instead, come visit the many great animals waiting for their new best friend at our shelter. You will likely find the puppy, kitten, dog or cat who will brighten your day, every day, and you will find your friend for a lifetime.

Dan Summy