To the Editor:

We live out in the county in Colbert County. We seem to constantly be dealing with dogs roaming through our yard.

We have two small dogs and, unlike many, we recognize that there IS A LEASH LAW throughout Colbert County. We keep our dogs in our yard and/or on a leash when we walk them. The issue to me is not the pets. I would venture to say that most of these dogs are probably friendly, but I can’t say that definitively. However, the OWNERS apparently need to be reminded that the law in ALL of Colbert County prohibits them from allowing their dogs to roam freely off their property. That’s not just a law in the towns and cities.

There are at least five dogs, much bigger than our two little dogs, that we see in our yards on a regular basis. I have no idea where these dogs live because we know the people all around us. The dogs do not live on our street or the streets in our immediate vicinity. Two of them apparently have owners who care so little that the dogs have practically taken up residency in the garage of a neighbor who took pity on them. Yet, the dogs still wander through the neighborhood.

I don’t want the dogs to suffer because their owners are so careless. Neither do I like that I have to scan the horizon to ensure the coast is clear to simply allow my dogs to go out to ‘take care of business’ or worry every time we take them for a walk that a stray dog might come up to us and harm our dogs.

There have been incidents in our area where a dog was killed in its own yard by several of the wandering neighbor’s dogs. We know of at least one dog that had to get stitches at the vet because it was attacked by these same dogs in its own yard. We even had a friend share that she was walking her dog on a leash and passed a man with three dogs, not on leashes. One of his dogs attacked her dog right there. He put the dog down but, if he had followed the leash law, he would probably still have his dog today and she would not have to worry every time she walks her dog. It’s just ridiculous!

Please, dog owners, follow the leash laws – be a good neighbor and take care of your pets!

Don and Traci Welch,

Cody and Mallori Willoughby,

Sandra Terry

Concerned neighbors:

Ford City