Dear America;

The Constitution of the United States was written by a majority ethnic group who understood that God created all men equal and endowed them with certain unalienable rights. Their understanding had very little to do with their ethnicity and very much to do with their grateful appreciation of God’s Truth. The Constitution helped America to end slavery within 100 years of being written.

The Dred Scott Decision was written much later when a Democrat-controlled Supreme Court decided that black people were property rather than people. Abe Lincoln ran for president as a Republican shortly thereafter. His campaign platform opposed the Dred Scott Decision. When he won the presidency, the Democrats walked out of Congress and the south seceded from the Union.

The ensuing war in the 1860s rendered the Confederacy a loser and the abolition of slavery a winner. In the 1960s, Martin Luther King, Jr. helped us to consider that content of character rather than ethnicity, makes all the difference. The great character of early America gave us our Constitution. Early American adherence to Jesus Christ gave the early Americans their great character.

In the Bible, Christ once honored women for all time by requiring that one woman mentioned wherever news of him and his goodness spread. She brought expensive ointment to wash the feet of Jesus and she dried his feet with her hair. He is the reason that a woman can participate in American life and government without a tarp over her head. Christ holds men responsible to honor women. How I wish I had always done so, honoring them as I should.

In Sura 33: 59 of the Koran, women are required to “let their veils fall low” so that “they will not be affronted.” Honoring themselves among women, minus an affront from a fellow believer is as good as it gets. When their men get involved in honor, it runs the risk of being an honor-killing. It is no wonder that Muslim women are leading the exodus out of Islam into Christianity. God bless America with genuine Christian character.

Floyd Jones, Jr.