Dr. Jessica Tuchman Mathews described why the Trump administration should continue the Iranian nuclear agreement way back in a New Hampshire Union Leader 2017 oped. 

She delved into the value of the agreement and how the U.S. and the world were relatively safe from a nuclear attack by Iran for 15 years if the agreement remained in force. This was flawed thinking.

Dr. Mathews and other proponents of the agreement believed the international surveillance program designed to monitor Iran’s compliance with the agreement would ensure Iran could not develop its nuclear arms program. This was a theoretical fantasy. Iran hides its nuclear weapons development activities from international surveillance systems and continues to expand its nuclear arsenal. Thankfully, President Trump exited the agreement.

Iran is a primary sponsor of radical Islamic terrorism. It wants to spread its virulent anti-Western Islamic Fascism throughout the Middle East. Additionally, Iran and its proxies are threatening and attacking our military forces in the region.  

President Trump should continue sanctions against Iran to cripple its strategic weapons programs. We need more defensive systems and offensive firepower in the Middle East to deter Iran from attacking U.S. forces and partners and interests in the region.  

Donald Moskowitz

Londonderry, NH